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Our intention for all of our work is to create community; to allow for expression and conversation that extends beyond the initial things we make. We tell stories with music, with whatever resources and on whatever “stages” are available to us. During the pandemic, those stages are digital - we’ve been writing for YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify. 

We fundamentally disagree with a system where cultural workers are expected to work for free, where artists are undervalued and seen as expendable, where art making is something to be done by those who can afford to do it in their free time. Donating to the arts in any capacity will not solve the underlying problem, but it’s what we have right now. We do our best to pay our collaborators and ourselves while still existing in a world where we have to pay for rent and healthcare out of pocket. If you are able to help us keep doing that, we greatly appreciate the support. If you’re not, we understand - most times we’re in the same boat.

EllaRose Chary

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